Mr. Fisher

US History is a rigorous course where I attempt to teach all of the history of the United States in one year.  A major focus isn't on dates, names, and minute details, but instead will be on big picture ideas, issues, and the formation of opinions and ideas.  Students will be forming questions such as why and how things happen and answering those questions.  Below are the chapters that will be covered.


Chapter 1: Three Worlds Meet

Chapter 2: The American Colonies Emerge

Chapter 3: The Colonies Come of Age

Chapter 4: The War for Independence

Chapter 5: The Constitution

Chapter 6: Launching the New Nation

Chapter 7: Balancing Nationalism and Sectionalism (The Indian Removal Act)

Chapter 9: Expanding Markets and Moving West (Manifest Destiny, Mexican-American War)

Chapter 10: The Union in Peril (Pre-Civil War)

Chapter 11: The Civil War

Chapter 12: Reconstruction (Post-Civil War)

Chapter 13: The Western Frontier

Chapter 18: America and Imperialism (Spanish-American War)

Chapter 19: World War I

Chapter 22: The Great Depression Begins

Chapter 23: The New Deal

Chapter 24: Facism and Pre-WWII

Chapter 25: World War II and the Holocaust

Chapter 26: Cold War Conflicts

Chapter 28: Kennedy, The New Frontier, and The Great Society

Chapter 29: Civil Rights

Chapter 30: The Vietnam War

Chapter 31: Era of Social Change

Chapter 32: Nixon