Mr. Fisher


Seventh Graders take Geography.  Geography simply means the study of Earth and all its processes.  Students learn about how the Earth functions, what makes life possible, where people live, how they live, interact, and the diverse cultures around the globe.  Below are the chapters covered in this class.

Chapter 1: Looking at the Earth

Chapter 2: Water, Climate, and Vegetation

Chapter 3: The World's People

Chapter 4: The United States

Chapter 5: Canada

Chapter 6: Mexico

Chapter 7: Central America and the Caribbeans Islands.

Chapter 8: Brazil and It's Neighbors

Chapter 9: The Andean Countries

Chapter 10: Early European History

Chapter 11: Modern European History

Chapter 12: Western Europe Today

Chapter 14: Russia's Landscape and History

Chapter 15: Modern Russia

Chapter 16: Birthplace of Civilization (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Three World Religions)

Chapter 18: Southwest Asia

Chapter 22: India

Chapter 23: China

Chapter 24: Japan and the Koreas

Chapter 26: Australia and New Zealand