Mr. Fisher

North Dakota studies is a class all 8th Graders are requited to take.  Students will learn about the geology, geography, weather, and wildlife in North Dakota.  We'll also cover the history of the state and its peoples.  Near the end of the class we focus on governmental structure and current issues in the state.  Because of the scope and the size of the class, we also a part of each week research and presenting national and world current events.  This is done to get students learning about issues outside the boundaries of North Dakota as well. Below are the Chapters that will be covered.

Chapter 1: The Geology of North Dakota

Chapter 2: The Geography of North Dakota

Chapter 3: Weather and Climate

Chapter 4: Conservation and Wildlife

Chapter 5: American I

ndians of North Dakota

Chapter 6: The Fur Trade Era

Chapter 7: Conflict on the Plains

Chapter 8: The Transportation Frontier

Chapter 9: The Iron Road

Chapter 10: Wheat and Cattle Bonanzas

Chapter 11: Settling in North Dakota

Chapter 12: Statehood for North Dakota

Chapter 13: The Second Boom

Chapter 14: The Nonpartisan League

Chapter 15: Boom to Bust

Chapter 16: The Desperate Years

Chapter 18: Social and Economic Trade

Chapter 19: State Government

Chapter 20: Local Government

Chapter 21: Political Parties and Elections

Chapter 22: Citizenship

Chapter 24: Energy and Natural Resources

Chapter 25: Water

Chapter 27: Education

Chapter 28: Population