Ms. Haan

Course: Math Grade 7

Contact Information:

Available: Monday-Friday from 8:05-3:47

I answer my e-mails throughout the day.

Textbook: Math Course 2 Textbook, Student Workbook

Course Description: 7th graders will learn the following units throughout the year: units 1-6 in the first semester andĀ units 7-11 in the second semester.

Unit 1: Decimals and Integers

Unit 2: Exponents, Fractions, and Factors

Unit 3: Operations with Fractions

Unit 4: Equations and Inequalities

Unit 5: Ratios, Rates, and Proportions

Unit 6: Percents

Unit 7: Geometry

Unit 8: Measurement

After Unit 8, I co-teach with the history teacher on a project. After a visit to the rock museum, the students present a rock of their choosing.

Unit 9: Displaying and Analyzing Data

Unit 10: Using Probability

Unit 11: Graphing and Rules