Ms. Dahlsad

 Reading/Language Arts

Reading Street is the reading/language arts curriculum that we use. Below is a link to a pacing guide that shows what students will be learning each week in reading and language arts:

Reading Street Pacing Guide


Go Math! is the math curriculum that we use.  Listed below are the topics that will be learned this year:
Chapter 1: Represent, Count, and Write Numbers 0 to 5
Chapter 2: Compare Numbers to 5
Chapter 3: Represent, Count, and Write Numbers 6 to 9
Chapter 4: Represent and Compare Numbers to 10
Chapter 5: Addition
Chapter 6: Subtraction
Chapter 7: Represent, Count, and Write 11 to 19
Chapter 8: Represent, Count, and Write 20 and Beyond
Chapter 9: Identify and Describe Two-Dimensional Shapes
Chapter 10: Identify and Describe Three-Dimensional Shapes
Chapter 11: Measurement
Chapter 12: Classify and Sort Data



The Great Body Shop is the health curriculum that we use.  The topics that are covered in health include:

    • Injury Prevention & Personal Safety
    • Nutrition
    • Functions of the Body
    • Growth and Development/Cycle of Family Life
    •  Illness Prevention
    • Substance Abuse Prevention
    • Community Health and Safety
    • Self Worth, Mental and Emotional Health
    • Environmental and Consumer Health
    • Physical Fitness


FOSS (Full Option Science System) is the science curriculum that we use. Listed below are the topics that the modules contai
    • Trees and Weather
    • Materials and Motion
    • Animals Two By Two

Social Studies

Listed below are some of the topics that we learn about in social studies:

    • United States Symbols
    • Holidays celebrated by the United States
    • The world, continents, countries, states, cities, towns, and schools
    • The 50 States
    • How to be a good citizen: honesty, cooperation, respect, and responsibility
    • Community helpers
    • School rules