Mr. Spencer


In World History this year we will be researching the Ancient World through the Modern Age by examining primary sources such as documents, photographs, paintings, and other artifacts.  We will also have "Socratic Seminars" where students will debate and discuss various historic topics. In addition, students will perform "Act-It-Outs"-role playing by viewing a historic image.

Students will also study key geographical concepts such as the Five Themes of Geography: Location, Region, Place, Human-Environmental Interaction, and Movement. The  textbook our students' will be using as a reference is "World History: Human Legacy," published by Holt.

Unit 1: The Dawn of Civilization~Prehistory

Unit 2: The Growth of Civilizations~2100 BCE-CE 1500

Unit 3: Cultures in Contact~100 BCE-1500 CE

Unit 4: Medieval Europe~300 BCE-1500 CE

Unit 5: New Ideas, New Empires 1200 CE-1800 CE

Unit 6: Changes in European Society~1500 CE-1820 CE

Unit 7: Industrialization and Nationalism~1700 CE-1920 CE

Unit 8: The World at War~1914 CE-1945 CE

Unit 9: The Contemporary World~1945 CE-Present

The best time to contact me is during my prep hour from 10:2 1 am to 11:11 am email and or phone. You can also contact after school from 3:18 to 3:50. I am very excited to be here. This is going to be a great year, and my goal is for all our students to find success.


phone: 701-862-3129