Ms. Comerford

1st Grade science is broken into 6 main units.  Within those units, we break down the topics even more and really try and explore as many avenues as possible!  My goal is to do as many hands on experiments as possible!  It is a great was to get the students excited and engaged in what we are learning!

Unit One- Plants are living things

We will learn all about our senses, living and nonliving things, plants and their different parts, and how plants change.

Unit Two- Animals are living things

This unit is all about animals.  We will talk about mammals and other animal groups, how animals grow and change, and what an animal needs to survive.

Unit Three- The Sky and Weather

We are going to cover the sun, moon, stars, planets, and talk about the different seasons.

Unit Four- Caring for Earth

This unit will be all about rocks, soil, water,pollution, and how we can help take care of our Earth.

Unit Five- Matter, Matter, Everywhere

We are going to learn all about what matter is, the different states matter can be in, and how a matters state can change based on heat or cold.

Unit Six- On the move

This last unit will be about movement, magnets, and sound.  We will discover the way things move, magnetic poles, and the way things sound when they move.