Ms. Comerford

Social Studies has 5 units that covers a variety of topics.  We will cover geography to economics to citizenship.  This subject will help your kiddo understand why home, school, etc. is ran the way that it is.

Unit One- All About Families

We will discuss what a family is, how all families are different, and where families may live.

Unit Two- Where We Live

In this unit we will really dig deep on geography skills.  We will talk about what a community is, our world we live in, and how to care for natural resources.

Unit Three- Good Citizens

We will learn about what makes a good citizen, how people get along, following laws, and voting.

Unit Four- All Kinds Of Jobs

In this unit we will talk about what work is, economics, difference between a need and a want, and different things you need for certain jobs.

Unit Five- Americans Long Ago

To wrap up the school year we will talk about how it was then compared to now and learn about some very important people from long ago.