Mrs. Campbell

This Year In Grade Three MATH

This year in 3rd grade we will be using the Go Math curriculum.

The following is an outline of the chapters we will be covering.

August/September:  Chapter 1 Adding and Subtracting within 1,000

September/October:  Chapter 2 Data Collection

October-November:  Chapters 3-5 Multiplication

December-January:  Chapters 6-7 Division

February:  Chapters 8-9 Fractions

March:  Chapter 10 Measurement

April-May:  Chapters 11-12 Perimeter and Area; Geometry


HOMEWORK:  I will try my best not to send Math homework home.  I try to keep assessments short and I give students time during class to complete their work.  If students do not use their time wisely during class, then they will need to do the work at home.  I do recommend students practice math facts on a regular basis to build fluency.  We will also be using multiple apps. on the I-pads during RTI Math time to practice skills we learn during whole group instruction.