Mrs. Campbell

This Year In Grade Three READING

This year we will be using the Reading Street curriculum alongside Daily 5 and Cafe.

10:00-10:15  Daily 5 Choice 1 Work on Writing

10:15-10:25 Comprehension Mini Lesson

10:25-10:40 Daily 5 Choice 2

10:40-10:50 Reading Strategy Mini Lesson

10:50-11:05 Daily 5 Choice 3

11:05-11:15 Spelling Mini Lesson

2:00-2:15 Daily 5 Choice 4

2:15-2:30 Daily 5 Choice 5



Listen to Reading:  Students hear examples of fluent reading during this choice which helps them learn more words, helping them become better readers.

Read to Self:  It is extremely important for students to practice reading each day.  Research shows that when students are allowed to choose the books they want, at the level they are at, reading becomes a habit and becomes more enjoyable.

Read to Someone:  This choice allows students to practice strategies and work on fluency and expression when reading.

Work on Writing:  The best way for students to become better writers is for them to practice each day.

Word Work:  Spelling is an essential foundation for writers.  This choice allows students extra time each day to practice their weekly Spelling lists and sight words.



Comprehension:  I understand what I read.

Accuracy:  I can read the words.

Fluency:  I can read accurately with expression and understand what I read.

Expanding Vocabulary:  I know, find, and use interesting words.


HOMEWORK:  Each week students will have a Read Every Day Folder/Bag with a book and a reading log.  Please fill out the reading log each day and read with your child for a minimum of 10 min.  Inside this bag there are further instructions and questions you may ask your child when reading.