Mrs. Campbell

This Year In Grade Three SCIENCE and SOCIAL STUDIES

We will have Science each day August-December and Social Studies each day January-May.

This year in Science we will be covering the following units:

Unit A:  Looking At Plants and Animals

Unit B:  Where Plants and Animals Live

Unit C:  Our Earth

Unit D:  Cycles on Earth and in Space

Unit E:  Forces and Motion

Unit F:  Looking at Matter and Energy


This year in Social Studies we will be covering the following units:

People Build Communities

Communities Have History

Communities At Work

Communities Have Government

Many Cultures, One Country


HOMEWORK:  I do not plan on sending home homework for Science or Social Studies.  We will be completing multiple projects in both subjects however, these will be done during class time.  If any materials are needed for these projects a note will be sent home at least 1 week in advance.