Mrs. Campbell

This year in 3rd grade we will be using the Go Math curriculum.

The following is an outline of the chapters we will be covering.

August/September:  Chapter 1 Adding and Subtracting within 1,000

September/October:  Chapter 2 Data Collection

October-November:  Chapters 3-5 Multiplication

December-January:  Chapters 6-7 Division

February:  Chapters 8-9 Fractions

March:  Chapter 10 Measurement

April-May:  Chapters 11-12 Perimeter and Area; Geometry


HOMEWORK:  I will try my best not to send Math homework home.  I try to keep assessments short and I give students time during class to complete their work.  If students do not use their time wisely during class, then they will need to do the work at home.  I do recommend students practice math facts on a regular basis to build fluency.  We will also be using multiple apps. on the I-pads during RTI Math time to practice skills we learn during whole group instruction.