Mrs. Wells

Lesson plans week of 1/21-1/25/19


M: Pop quiz:  name the 7 continents and 5 oceans.  Review the continents and oceans if quiz shows it is needed. Introduce Egypt.  Talk about prior knowledge/conceptions of Egypt. Why do we need to learn about Egypt?  Complete map and flag of Egypt.

T:  Watch History Channel Documentary - Ancient Egypt - Egypt's Most Mysterious Tomb


W:  Finish documentary and discuss.  Begin group projects on Egypt.

Th:  Continue on group projects

F:  Present group projects on Egypt.

Phy Ed  

Stretches before each day's activity.

M:  Super kickball (Kickball using BIG green ball)

T:  Dodgeball

W:  Open Gym

Th: Big Base

F:  Open Gym