Mrs. Wells

Lesson plans week of 3/25-3/29/19

GEOGRAPHY 2nd and 4th periods

M:  Introduce Argentina.  Discuss prior knowledge of Argentina.  Complete map and flag of Argentina.

T, W:  Work on group presentations about Argentina and submit.

Th, F:  Work on Daily Skill Builders activities 51-58, Crossword puzzle:  World Religions.  When finished play games on  

They may play any of the games on this site.  Four of my second hour students are in Mrs. Taylor's 1st hour class (Kianna, Clifford, Eric, Dionte).  I have each of them bring 3 laptops to 2nd period or the cart can be wheeled over before school and the laptops unloaded and then the cart is returned.  Mrs. Taylor has prep 6th hour.  The classroom key will open her door.  I have Tamyah bring the cart over, plug the laptops in and return the cart to Mrs. Taylor's room.  If you need anything done, Tamyah is very helpful and responsible.

PHY ED 3rd, 5th and 7th periods

M:  Big base

T:  Whiffle Ball

W:  Badminton

Th:  Kick Ball

F:  Open gym (activities of their choice)