Mr. Olson

Your School Success Coordinator

Good Day Everyone,

Hello, my name is Dusty Olson, I am your School Success Coordinator for Parshall Public Schools. I have worked for the Parshall School District for about 5 years as your Truancy Officer. I graduated from Parshall High School and graduated from United Tribes Technical College. I wanted to let everyone know I'm here for the students at Parshall School and I'm here to help them succeed and help them be accountable for their attendance. My job as School Success Coordinator is to enforce the Student handbook provided by the Parshall School District and protect the integrity of Parshall Public Schools. Another responsibility for my job is provide assistance to your childs educational needs and assist in ways possible to help your child succeed. I want to add not only do I do attendance, but help students with different things that pertain to our students, that deal with education in our school.

Anybody with questions and any concerns, please feel free to contact me during business hours. 862-3417 ext.224



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