Mr. Wedel



Hello, my name is Jason A Wedel.  I am the new Business Teacher at Parshall High School.

First, let me say that I no longer look like the profile picture; however, I like to use it as a reminder that we were once all in high school.

About me:

    • Born and raised in California


    • Joined the Air Force


    • In my early 40's


    • Married with two grown children


    • Taught at Job Corps for the last 6 years

About my Teaching:

I believe that every student is capable of achieving success.  It may be harder for some, but a student who wants to succeed will do so.

I prefer to use an exploration style of learning where students are given the basic information about the topic and then they research examples about the subject to gain more understanding on it.  I also feel that taking different approaches based on the topic and the students involved is a necessity to the modern classroom.

I am a big fan of pushing students to be the best they can be, I also firmly believe that students achieve the most through effort, as such a large portion of the grades in my classes are based on the student participating.

I invite all of my students' parents or guardians to get in touch with me via e-mail at  I check my e-mail throughout the workday and I will respond as soon as I can.