Ms. Sanders

Second Grade

Community Projects - Fall 2016


Community Projects Fall 2016

A large focus of the Social Studies curriculum in Second Grade are communities.  Students learn about the different types of communities (urban, suburban, and rural), changes in communities and people over time, and how communities function.  As a wrap of our Community Unit, students got to design their own community and make a diorama in a shoe box.  Oh boy, did the students have fun!  They chose the type of community to build, and thought about what type of people, businesses, and much more live there.  I heard some pretty creative names for each community.  After planning his or her community, each student took a shoebox home to make the community.  When the shoeboxes started coming back, it was great to see the amount of hard work each student put into their project.14902905_1499683656714235_5610524093338211808_o