Ms. Salvador

General Mathematics


General mathematics aims to hone the skills of students in dealing with operations on real numbers. Fun facts about the applications of these abstract topics in this subject will be covered like consumer and business math. 

This subject is designed for students who want to extend their mathematical skills whose future studies or employment pathways do not require calculus. It incorporates a practical approach that equips learners for their needs as future citizens. Students will learn to ask appropriate questions, map out pathways, reason about complex solutions, set up models and communicate in different forms. They will experience the relevance of mathematics to their daily lives, communities and cultural backgrounds. They will develop the ability to understand, analyse and take action regarding social issues in their world. When students gain skill and self-assurance, when they understand the content and when they evaluate their success by using and transferring their knowledge, they develop a mathematical mindset

September 10-14 2018

Date/Day Topic Task
Sep 10 - Monday Salary Pay

Research 5 careers which pay in salary. Give the salary range. Determine the montly rate, weekly rate (set 52 weeks in a year) and hourly rate (set 40 hours a week). Present their output in class.

Sep 11 - Tuesday Commission Pay Research 5 different careers which pay based on commission. What is the average commission for those careers? Presentation of output.
Sep 12 - Wednesday Putting it All Together: Hourly Pay, Salary Pay and Commission Pay Answer Worksheet on Hourly, Salary and Commission Pay.
Sep 13 - Thursday Continuation Answer Worksheet cont.
Sep 14 - Friday Piecework and Graduated Commission Worksheet on Piecework and Graduated Commission
September 17-21    
Sep 17 - Monday

Quiz on Piecework and Graduated Commission.

Review on previous topics

Carousel Game.

Sep 18 - Tuesday Hourly Pay, Salary Pay, Commission Pay Piecework and Graduated Commission Chapter Test
Sep 19 - Wednesday Introduction to Project Life consumer.  Research on two careers that you are most interested in.
Sep 20 - Thursday Part 2 Project Life consumer Brainstorm. Develop presentation. Laptop is needed/
Sep 21 - Friday Part 3 Project Life Consumer/ Review on Percentage Continutation of write-ups. Packet on Percentage
September 24-28    
Sep 24 - Monday Part 4 Project Life Consumer Additional information for the presentation.
Sep 25 -  Tuesday Part 5 Project Life Consumer Final revision of outputs.
Sep 26 - Wednesday Review on Percentage Worksheeet
Sep 27 - Thursday Federal Income Tax Small group activity in computing federal income tax
Sep 28 - Friday Stress Free Day - Worded problems on Percentage Coloring patterns activity sheet
October 1-4    
Oct 1 - Monday State Income Tax Small group discussion in computing state tax
Oct 2 - Tuesday Review on Percentage part 3  
Oct 3 - Wednesday Project on Percent Part 1 Individual Task
Oct 4 - Thursday Presentation of Outputs  
October 8-12    
Oct 8 - Monday Project on Percent Part 2 Making of Posters
Oct 9 - Tuesday Representing Fractions Number Exercises in the book 
Oct 10 - Wednesday Designing Arts using Fractions Artwork
October 11 - Thursday Prime Factorization Puzzle Activity
October 12 - Friday Greatest Common Factor Bookwork
October 15-17    
Oct 15 - Monday Enrichment GCF Popcorn activity
Oct 16 - Tuesday Simplifying Fractions Bookwork
Oct 17 - Wednesday Quiz - Fractions