7th and 8th Grade: 40 Book Challege

All Junior High students are participating in the 40 book challenge this year. Please encourage your child to read for at least 20 minutes a day at home (even on weekends). I know that 40 books seems like a lot and it is is, but it is also possible. If students are reading during their allotted time in class and at home they will be amazed at how much they can and will read! Students sometimes struggle to see why they should read at home, but the truth is that in order to improve as a reader one must practice. No one would expect to go to a basketball game having never practiced and win. We know and believe that practice is important in sports, but it is just as important in reading. We sometimes think that students will just naturally grow as readers as they age, but the truth is that without practice they will not grow at the pace that they should.

20 minutes a day is a great way to start practicing. Most sports practices last much longer than 20 minutes, but all I ask for is 20 minutes. I know that for some families this won't be enough time and that is great! Read even more! But I also know that even 20 minutes can be a struggle on some nights and that is okay, too. Make it most nights or as often as you can. Read together as a family if that will make it easier. Download audiobooks if you are going on a weekend roadtrip. Make time to read whenever you can. 

Why is 20 minutes so important?