Ms. Davis

Jr. High English

8th Grade English

8th Grade English

Film Project:

Last year’s seventh graders (current 8th graders) came up with idea to make a movie. I think it is a challenging, but fun idea, and so this year that is our goal. We are going to read Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli, write the screen play, and produce the movie. This is a challenging assignment, but so far the students are up to the challenge.


Film Maker’s Journal:

The students are all required to keep a notebook as we read a book which outlines the characters, setting, and props required for each chapter. They also write a summary of the chapter to help when we finish reading and begin drafting the screen play.

When we start filming, they will use this journal to record their thoughts about the film making process.



We will not begin filming until January because before we film we have to finish reading the book and writing the screenplay. This assignment is not just fun and games. The students will be learning about the process of film making and screen writing. Obviously, filming is going to be a challenge. We know we will not have a Hollywood blockbuster, but we hope to have a presentable product that we will be able to showcase at a movie premiere night. More details will follow as the success of this project depends on the hard work of many students, teachers, and volunteers.





All of my classes are graded on a points system. An assignment will can be worth 5-200 points depending on the complexity of the assignment.

In accordance with the school policy, late work will be accepted for three days for 1/2 credit.