Reading is my passion. However, I am aware that not everybody shares that passion. Because of this, I choose books that I believe will really interest and engage the students. These books include, but are not limited to:


Book Title and Author Brief Summary

Nothing but the Truth by Avi Nothing but the Truth is about a conflict between a teacher and a student. This is a book that is relevant to most students because we have all had that one teacher that we just can’t seem to get along with. Philip Malloy has that one teacher, and decides to tell a simple lie that turns into a complicated problem.


This book is not only relevant that written is such a way that the students are all actively engaged.

Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen Flipped shows us that looks can be deceiving and that like a book, you can’t judge a person by their cover. Flipped is told from the perspective of two 8th grade students who see the same situations very differently.


We are able to look at complex themes, relationships, and perspectives through this book. We will also be able to watch the movie that was based off of the book. Again, most students really enjoy this book.

The Giver by Lois Lowry The Giver is a Dystopian novel that shows us a bleak and colorless future. Can one boy make a difference?


The bulk of this class is reading, but we do have some lengthy assignments that deal with textual evidence and reading comprehension. I need to make sure the students are reading, following along, and that they understand what we have read. It is very easy to fall behind in this class because we read almost every day. It is important for the student to keep up with us and to do each and every assignment. One assignment can be worth a lot of points in this class.



All of my classes are graded on a points system. An assignment will can be worth 5-200 points depending on the complexity of the assignment.

In accordance with the school policy, late work will be accepted for three days for 1/2 credit.