Mr. Albertson

I was born and raised in a small town in ND. I enjoyed playing football and basketball in high school and also took part in band and choir. My first teaching job was at Ojibwa Indian School in Belcourt where I taught for 3 years. I moved to Parshall in 2003 and started teaching 6th grade. I'm now the Phy Ed/Title 1 Math teacher. I coached football, basketball, and track for many years and have now traded in my whistle for bus keys.

Julie and I have been married for 11 years, I have an 18 year old daughter, two stepchildren, and two young granddaughters.

My hobbies include hunting and fishing, skiing and hiking, and most other outdoor activities. I love cooking and singing, and hanging out with my dog Digger. I have always been a huge 49er fan, and have traveled to watch them twice in my life. Both were losses:(

I love fried chicken,pizza,tex mex, and Chinese food. Snickers and Coke Cola are my favorite junk food. Classic rock is my favorite music.




My Phy Ed classes are designed to elevate the students heart rate and stimulate their sporting minds.

We start class with 5 minutes of agility drills, skipping, hopping, high knees, etc, and finishing up with 5 sprints or up downs to work the students cardio. We then go into a 5 minute calisthenics routine, followed by stretching. We finish with a muscle work out of pushups and situps. These exercises are not designed to be intensive. I allow the students to take breaks and go at their own pace.

After exercises we engage in a fun game or activity that is designed to last two week units.